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Lloyd has been mentored under some of the best golf instructors in the nation.
Dr. Jim Suttie
Mac O'Grady
Lynn Blake
George Kelnhofer
A Word From Lloyd...

Over the last 25 years, in an effort to become a truly professional instructor and coach, I have studied not only the various aspects of the game of golf but also the best ways to teach the game.  I believed that the best way for me to accomplish my objective was to study   with the best teachers in the business I began this process by devoting myself to the study of the golf swing with Dr. Jim Suttie at Cog Hill golf course. Dr. Suttie has since been named one of the best teachers in America.  

I worked for Dr. Suttie for over 4 years learning the bio mechanics of the golf swing.  From Dr. Suttie, I learned that an instructor’s awareness of a student body type (tall, short, thin, large, flexible, non-flexible, etc) is important to the teaching process.  Body type dramatically affects an individuals’ swing.  

As a teacher, you can’t adopt a one lesson fits all approach to your teaching. You need to customize each lesson to the individual‘s body type and physical abilities. In most cases you wouldn’t coach a 50 year old the same way you do a teenager.  The physical abilities of each are more than likely to be dramatically different.  

Next, I began working with Mac O’Grady.  Mac is best known as both a PGA tour winner and instructor to some of the best players on tour..  His teaching philosophy is based on the work of Homer Kelly and his book The Golf Machine.  I truly enjoyed Mac’s teaching style, which focused on the science of golf. 

After 2 years working with Mac I began working with Lynn Blake, out of Marietta, Ga.  
Lynn is also a disciple of Homer Kelly’s.  Lynn gave me further perspectives on evaluating an individual’s golf swing and yet another approach to addressing a students needs.  

While working with Lynn, I was introduced to George Kelinhoffer also from the Atlanta area.  George has worked with many PGA touring pros including, David Duval, Charles Howell and Stewart Cink among others.  George reinforced the need for instructors to not only focus on the mechanics of the swing but also on the significance of such things as ball position, club head lag and  more.  

In addition, I have also studied the teaching methods and approaches of other great teachers including; Jim Flick, Jim McClean, David Leadbetter, and Martin Hall. 

I have incorporated into my teaching the best that each of my teachers had to offer, by way of insights into the game and methods of teaching. I have also adopted the most up-to-date electronic teaching aids into my programs. The ability to actually see the changes that can be made, in the various aspects of their swing, allows my students to more effectively work on the changes.  Those changes will improve their game and by doing so increase their pleasure and appreciation for the sport. 

I believe that, the lessons learned, through working with some of the greatest teachers of the game, coupled with modern technology, have given me the ability to help EVERY golfer.   Whether you’re a beginner or a touring professional, I have no doubt that I can make you a better golfer.

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Lloyd Johnson, Impact Zone® Lead Master Instructor

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